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London- One of the most visited cities in the world

What’s the Allure?

London has proudly earned the distinction of being one of the most visited cities in the world.

The diversity is evident in popular activities; visitors can indulge in the centuries-old stories as told by guides at the iconic landmarks, or discover modern art at top museums.

They can elect to chat with friendly locals at a pub or watch the latest in experimental theatre. Indeed, with its fascinating history, classic architecture and dynamic culture, this exciting capital city offers a little something for everyone.

Points of Interest

For a city so rich in history and popular culture, it is quite refreshing that London offers both a steady stream of memorable districts and iconic structures as well as dozens of open-air “green” locations.

Visitors can easily explore atmospheric areas such as Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden, followed by a respite at beautiful green zones including Hyde Park and Hempstead Heath.

London’s multitude of diverse nationalities makes it one of the world’s most famous culinary melting pots. On any given day, sample authentic dishes from the likes of India, Italy, China, Japan and Africa…to name but a few. Of course if you prefer to try traditional English cooking, there are plenty of options available; from hearty shepherd’s pie to tasty fish and chips or even avant-garde Michelin-starred creations – it’s all on offer at this cosmopolitan metropolis.


A major pastime in a city as dynamic as London is sightseeing. Popular sites include the Queen’s residence at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and the ultra-modern London Eye.


For art lovers, the excellent selection of galleries and museums are sure to entertain. Outstanding options include the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Tate Modern.

After dark, the city comes alive with a curious mix of classic British etiquette at the upscale West End areas (such as Mayfair and Notting Hill) and the grittier, underground vibe of the East End club scene. Whatever your mood or preference, London aims to provide a memorable source of entertainment.

Why We Love it

London is an exciting city that continually strives to improve its offerings.

This dedication to innovation is arguably one of the main reasons why it was selected to host the Summer Olympic Games for the third time running…and we can’t wait to see how they plan on making it a most welcoming and memorable affair once again.…

Cruisin’ with LuLaRoe

How do you capture eleven months in one blog post? And how do you share experiences from a week long trip on a boat in just a few words?

By now, you’ve learned that my sister-in-law and I are part of the Sisterhood of the Patterned Pants and since last March, have worked our patterned tails off to build a business that we call family. This Community of Confidence is not something that has happened over night, but it’s one that we find great connection with and it is a calling we have like no other.

So what have the past eleven months looked liked? 

  • Long hours
  • Sleepless nights
  • Partying like rockstars (jk, but parties ALL THE TIME)
  • The first four months were INSANITY.
  • The first TWO WEEKS WERE CRAY.
  • Lots of coffee
  • Mug life
  • Hearing stories from all sorts of people
  • So much hugging
  • Countless outfits
  • Thousands of photographs
  • Stresses with changes in our business
  • Ups and downs, sometimes more downs than ups (HELLO, JUNE)
  • Daily affirmations with our favorites
  • Working to build a team and figure out what all that means!
  • Making Trainer in six months

It’s also meant the opportunity to Cruise with LuLaRoe for seven days. Hearing from the founders that they are ALL IN, 100% dedicated and devoted, and hearing their hearts and raw honesty. It’s meant LOTS of time together. And if you’re asking, nope, we’re not sick of each other. Yet.…